MAT 357 Numerical Analysis
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This course covers the numerical techniques arising in many areas of computer science and applied mathematics. Such techniques provide essential tools for obtaining approximate solutions to non-linear equations arising from the construction of mathematical models of real-world phenomena. Topics of study include root-finding, interpolation, approximation of functions, cubic splines, integration, and differential equations. Further topics may include stability, iterative methods for solving systems of equations, eigenvalue approximation, and the fast Fourier transform.
Prerequisites: MAT 250, MAT 258

schedule WF 3:30-4:50PM in AVERY (SR 4D)
textNumerical Methods in Engineering with Python 3
by Jaan Kiusalaas

course docs contains the syllabus, project 1 specifications, notes on interpolation, solutions to homework 1 through 4 please send me your available times when requesting a meeting
office hours where and when I am in office
9 october 2018 This is a reminder that the first examination will be given tomorrow, October 10, in Van Gogh (SR 4E), from 3:30 to 5:00. The coverage will be interpolation methods:
  • Polynomial interpolation, identified by the Lagrange basis polynomials of the data points, and determined by Newton's divided difference scheme
  • Cubic spline interpolation
  • Least-squares best-fit curve from a predetermined function space
It is suggested that you bring a calculator. The formula sheet to be given is attached to this post.
The first project is also due tomorrow. The specifications for the second project will be given tomorrow.