MAT 300 Curves and Surfaces
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The course is an introduction to parametrized polynomial curves and surfaces with a view toward applications in computer graphics. It will discuss both the algebraic and constructive aspects of these topics. Algebraic aspects include vector spaces of functions, special polynomial and piecewise polynomial bases, polynomial interpolation, and polar forms. Constructive aspects include the de Casteljau algorithm and the de Boor algorithm. Other topics may include an introduction to parametric surfaces and multivariate splines.
Prerequisites: MAT 250 or MAT 258

schedule TTh 9:00-10:40AM in VAN GOGH (SR 4E)
required textPyramid Algorithms: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Curves and Surfaces for Geometric Modeling
by Ron Goldman
recommended textCurves and Surfaces in Geometric Modeling: Theory and Algorithms
by Jean Gallier
course docs contains the syllabus, a note on Newton's divided difference scheme, solutions to homework 1 through 4, specifications for projects 1 and 2, and questions for homework 5 please send me your available times when requesting a meeting
office hours where and when I am in office (use extension 1944 to check if I am in)
5 february 2020 This is a reminder that Examination 1 will be conducted tomorrow, Thursday, February 6, at Van Gogh (SR 4E). This examination covers interpolation curves of control points, with emphasis on the following topics:
  • Lagrange and Hermite interpolation
  • extended Neville's algorithm and triangle diagram
  • Newton's divided difference scheme for interpolation
  • polynomial and rational interpolation
This is a closed-book examination, and calculators will be allowed. Attached is the cover sheet.
29 january 2020 The deadline for HW 3 is moved to tomorrow.