SEM 1102 / MAT 200 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
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This course builds on the introduction to calculus in MAT 150. Topics in integration include applications of the integral in physics and geometry, and techniques of integration. The course also covers sequences and series of real numbers, power series and Taylor series, and calculus of transcendental functions. Further topics may include a basic introduction to concepts in multivariable and vector calculus.
Prerequisites: MAT 150 or MAT 180 or SEM 1101

schedule MW 9:00-11:10AM in EDISON (SR 2E)
required textCalculus: Early Transcendentals, Eighth Edition, International Metric Version
by James Stewart
recommended textCalculus: Early Vectors
by James Stewart
online textCalculus Volume 2
on OpenStax
course docs contains the syllabus, the guide to trigonometric integrals, Newton-Cotes formulas, integration strategy, tests for series, solutions to homework 1 through 5 and questions for homework 6, please send me your available times when requesting a meeting
office hours where and when I am in office (use extension 1944 to check if I am in)
19 february 2020 This is a reminder that the Mid-Term Examination will be conducted next Monday, February 24, from 9:00-11:10AM at LT 6C. The examination covers techniques of integration, in line with solving definite integrals, including the following topics: (reference sections of the book)
  • Riemann sums and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (§5.2-5.3)
  • substitution rule (§5.5)
  • integration by parts (§7.1)
  • trigonometric integrals (§7.2)
  • trigonometric substitutions (§7.3)
  • partial fractions (§7.4)
  • rationalizing and Weierstrass substitutions (§7.4)
This is a closed-book examination. Calculators will not be allowed: answers may be left with arithmetic expressions unsimplified. Attached are the cover pages.