MAT 140 Linear Algebra and Geometry
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The two main themes throughout the course are vector geometry and linear transformations. Topics from vector geometry include vector arithmetic, dot product, cross product, and representations of lines and planes in three-space. Linear transformations covered include rotations, reflections, shears and projections. Students study the matrix representations of linear transformations along with their derivations. The curriculum also presents affine geometry and affine transformations along with connections to computer graphics. This course also includes a review of relevant algebra and trigonometry concepts.
Prerequesite: None

schedule WF 9:00-10:50AM in PLATO (SR 3D)
textPractical Linear Algebra: A Geometry Toolbox, Third Edition
by Gerald Farin and Dianne Hansford

course docs contains the syllabus and homework 1 please send me your available times when requesting a meeting
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